All sunglasses

A list of all sunglasses worn by celebrities and seen in movies and tv series.

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Oakley Romeo
Oakley Square Wire
Oakley Straight Jacket Jet Black Emerald Iridium (04-264)
The old model Oakley Straight Jacket
Oakley Livestrong Straight Jacket
Oakley Thump Pro 05-180 Crystal Black 512MB/Grey
Oakley Turbine OO9263-01, matte black frame
Oakley Whisker sunglasses with black frame
Oakley Whisker
Oakley Whisker
Oakley Whisker
Oakley Whisker
Old Focals Architect sunglasses, red frame, green UV lenses
Old Focals Director's Choice
Old Focals Founder, black
Old Focals Icon with Clear frame
The Old Focals frame can be fitted with sunglasses or prescription lenses
Old Focals Seeker, butterscotch
Old Focals Zylsides, Black
In 2011, Oliver Goldsmith released the Manhattan in Dark Tortoise, an exact repl
Oliver Peoples 523
Oliver Peoples Afton RX eyeglasses, also available as sunglasses
Oliver Peoples Benedict sunglasses
Oliver Peoples Silver with Midnight Express Polar Glass. The lenses in the film are yellow.
Oliver Peoples Benedict
Oliver Peoples Benedict, gold with chrome amber lenses
Oliver Peoples Benedict 59, silver frame and Midnight Express Polar lenses
Oliver Peoples Bernardo