All eyeglasses

A list of celebrity eyewear in alphabetical order.

A (1) B (2) C (7) D (4) E (3) F (1) G (2) I (2) J (5) K (1) L (3) M (6) N (1) O (22) P (8) R (10) S (9) T (2) V (3)
Lunor A6 246 hvd. 02, tortoise frame
Lunor Classic Rund
Moscot Gittel, Caramel/Gold
Moscot Korva-TT Light Grey Silver
Moscot Vilda eyeglasses
Mykita Helmut, taupe
Mykita Helmut eyeglasses
Mykita Meryl, Champagne Gold/Aurore, ref. 10016725
Nike 5535, Black and Challenge Red
Oakley Chamfer, Satin Black, (OX8039-0153)
Oakley Chamfer 2.0 with transparent frame, color Frost (OX8071-02)
Oakley ECLP23 goggles, exclusively made for the film, but not available for sale (yet).
Oakley M Frame glasses
Oakley Radar Path; Team Light Blue frame (Straight Stem); Path lens shape
Oakley SI Ballistic Halo OO7065 goggles, Terrain Tan
Oakley Wind Jacket, pictured here in 'Ducati' colors. The clear frame and clear
Old Focals Advocate, clear
Old Focals Architect, black
Old Focals Historian, black / silver
Old Focals Ironsides eyeglasses, color Tortoiseshell
Old Focals J.D., tortoiseshell eyeglasses
Old Focals Leading Lady
Old Focals Rounds black
Oliver Peoples Afton RX, black
Oliver Peoples Albert J eyeglasses, matte black
Oliver Peoples Finley Vintage eyeglasses
Oliver Peoples Gregory Peck Buff