Persol sunglasses worn by celebrities in movies and tv series.

Harvey Keitel wearing Persol 2857 eyeglasses

Harvey Keitel wears a pair of Persol 2857 eyeglasses when arriving at the premiere of "Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire".

Tom Cruise wearing Persol 2931 sunglasses in Knight and Day

Tom Cruise has been spotted wearing the new Persol 2931 sunglasses (havana frame, brown lenses) while filming the movie Knight and Day.

Luke Wilson wearing Persol 2813 in Henry Poole is Here

In Henry Poole is Here, Luke Wilson wears a pair of Persol 2813, with a Black frame and Gray Green lenses.

Persol sunglasses worn by Giancarlo Giannini in Casino Royale

In the 2006 James Bond movie Casino Royale, Giancarlo Giannini wears a pair of Persol sunglasses.

Persol 2833 worn by Bruce Campbell in Burn Notice

Bruce Campbell, as Sam Axe, wears Persol 2833 sunglasses (havana frame, brown lenses) in the hit series Burn Notice.

Michael Madsen wearing Persol 2836 sunglasses in Hell Ride

Although he usually wears Ray-Ban sunglasses in his movies, in Hell Ride, Michael Madsen wears a pair of Persol 2863 frames.

Pierce Brosnan wearing Persol 2720 in the movie Mamma Mia!

Pierce Brosnan, as architect Sam Carmichael, wears Persol 2720 sunglasses (turtoise frame, green lenses) in the 2008 movie Mamma Mia!

Steve McQueen wearing Persol 0714 - Havana frame with blue lenses - in The Thomas Crown Affair

Persol 0714 folding sunglasses, one of the most sought after and collected pair of sunglasses in history!

One of the favorite pairs of sunglasses from rapper Jay-Z are these Persol 0649 sunglasses.

George Clooney wearing Persol 2157 in the movie Ocean's Thirteen

George Clooney, as Danny Ocean, wears a pair of Persol 2157 sunglasses in the 2007 movie Ocean's Thirteen.