Ray-Ban sunglasses worn by celebrities in movies and tv series.

Brad Pitt wearing Ray-Ban 3291 sunglasses on the set of Ocean's 13

Actor Brad Pitt wears Ray-Ban 3291 sunglasses on the set of the 2008 movie Ocean's Thirteen.

Nicolas Cage wearing Ray-Ban 3025 sunglasses in Bangkok Dangerous

Actor Nicolas Cage wears Ray-Ban 3025 (also known as the Ray-Ban Aviator) sunglasses in the 2008 crime movie Bangkok Dangerous.

Tom Cruise wearing Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses on the Risky Business movie poster

Tom Cruise was partly responsible for the Ray-Ban revival in the 80s, because he sported a pair of black Wayfarer sunglasses in the 1983 movie Risky Business.

President Barack Obama wearing Ray-Ban 3217 sunglasses

According to Luxottica, the manufacturer of Ray-Ban, president Barack Obama has been wearing Ray-Ban RB 3217 sunglasses.