Mykita sunglasses worn by celebrities in movies and tv series.

Pierce Brosnan in Salvation Boulevard, as Dan Day, the powerful leader of a chur

Pierce Brosnan wears Mykita Rolf sunglasses in the movie Salvation Boulevard.

Cillian Murphy as Edward Dillinger Jr, wears a pair of Mykita Helmut eyeglasses

In the movie Tron: Legacy we can see Cillian Murphy, who makes an uncredited cameo appearance as programmer Edward Dillinger Jr, wear a pair of Mykita Helmut eyeglasses,

Daniel Craig wears Mykita Helmut glasses in the movie The Girl with the Dragon T

Daniel Craig, as Mikael Blomkvist, wears Mykita Helmut eyeglasses in the 2011 movie The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Tom Cruise wearing Mykita Flash Elliot sunglasses

Tom Cruise has been spotted wearing Mykita Flash Elliot golden sunglasses.

Rhys Ifans wearing Mykita Rolf in The Boat That Rocked (aka Pirate Radio)

Rhys Ifans wears Mykita Rolf gold aviator sunglasses in the movie The Boat That Rocked (aka Pirate Radio).

Sarah Jessica Parker wearing Mykita & Bernhard Willhelm Franz in Sex and the City

Sarah Jessica Parker wears Mykita & Bernhard Willhelm Franz golden sunglasses in the 2010 movie Sex and the City 2.