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Matthew Bellamy wears TD Tom Davies sunglasses during a Muse concert.
Matthew Bellamy wears TD Tom Davies sunglasses during a Muse concert.
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TD Tom Davies Rockstar, chrome
TD Tom Davies Rockstar, chrome
photo © TD Tom Davies

British glasses designer Tom Davies launches Rockstar, a unisex sunglass model based on the design of a TD Tom Davies bespoke frame created for Matthew Bellamy, lead singer of Muse, for his 2010/11 World Tour. The chrome finish was originally chosen to match one of Bellamy's custom-made guitars, known as the "silver Manson". The sunglass is pure titanium, polished by hand for over 4 hours and coated with Palladium ION plating.

TD Tom Davies is a luxury eyewear brand, offering the world's first bespoke eyewear and sunglass service through a global network of opticians. Designer Tom Davies, 36, has been creating eyewear and sunglasses since he was 21. He offered his first handmade couture specs and sunglasses to the rich and famous in 2000, and now offers a bespoke eyewear service which allows opticians to create glasses to order, in luxury materials such as titanium, acetate and horn. Each piece is then produced individually in Tom's own workshop. Tom's bespoke service attracts many celebrities. Angelina Jolie wears TD Tom Davies sunglasses in the new release, The Tourist.

You can get your pair of these Rockstar sunglasses for £220 or have your own TD Tom Davies Bespoke Eyewear and Sunglasses from £500. Visit for more information.

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