Ray-Ban 4084 or 4124 - Brian Geraghty - The Hurt Locker

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Brian Geraghty wearing Ray-Ban sunglasses in The Hurt Locker
Brian Geraghty wearing Ray-Ban sunglasses in The Hurt Locker
photo © Summit Entertainment
Ray-Ban 4084 sunglasses
Ray-Ban 4084 sunglasses
photo © Ray-Ban
Ray-Ban 4124 sunglasses
Ray-Ban 4124 sunglasses
photo © Ray-Ban

Actor Brian Geraghty wears Ray-Ban model 4084 or model 4124 sunglasses in the 2008 movie The Hurt Locker. These two models (4084 and 4124) are practically identical, so it's hard to say which one it is. The 4084 and 4124 are fairly unknown models of Ray-Ban but still available at some online stores, in two sizes.

These Ray-Ban sunglasses are designed with a lightweight and durable plastic frame. The scratch/impact-resistant lenses ensure 100% UV protection & superb optical clarity.

The glasses are available with normal lenses and Polarized lenses. The ones in the movie probably had the normal lenses because on the photo, the "p" for Polarized can't be seen on the lens.

Reference: Ray-Ban RB 4084 / 4124 - Color: Black frame, Green Crystal Lenses (color code 601)

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