Tron: Legacy

Tron: Legacy is a 2010 American science fiction film directed by Joseph Kosinski and produced by Steven Lisberger. It is a sequel to the 1982 film Tron with Jeff Bridges reprising his roles as Kevin Flynn and CLU, while Bruce Boxleitner reprises his roles as Alan Bradley and Tron. Garrett Hedlund portrays Flynn's adult son, Sam.[7] The other cast members include Olivia Wilde, Beau Garrett, Michael Sheen, James Frain and a cameo appearance by Cillian Murphy, who wears Mykita Helmut glasses in the film.

Cillian Murphy as Edward Dillinger Jr, wears a pair of Mykita Helmut eyeglasses

Mykita Helmut - Cillian Murphy - Tron: Legacy

In the movie Tron: Legacy we can see Cillian Murphy, who makes an uncredited cameo appearance as programmer Edward Dillinger Jr, wear a pair oRead more

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