Redline is a 2007 American action film starring Nathan Phillips, Nadja Bjorlin and Eddie Griffin. The film's plot is centered on a street racing circle funded by a group of multi-millionaires in order to test their supercars. The movie was written and produced by Daniel Sadek, who also used his own automobile collection in the film.

During the last race in the film, between Nathan Phillips and Nadja Bjorlin in a Ferrari Enzo and A Koenigsegg CCX, Phillips wears Electric Livewire shades and Bjorlin a pair of Chanel 5080 sunglasses.

Nathan Phillips wears black Electric Livewire sunglasses in the movie Redline

Electric Livewire - Nathan Phillips - Redline

In the movie Reline, Nathan Phillips wears a pair of black Electric Livewire sunglasses.Read more

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Nadia Bjorlin wears a pair of exclusive Chanel 5080 sunglasses in Redline.

Chanel 5080 - Nadia Bjorlin - Redline

In the action film Redline, Nadia Bjorlin wears a pair of Chanel 5080 sunglasses.Read more

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