Men in Black III

Men in Black III is a 3D science fiction comedy film starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. The main characters once again sport black sunglasses. It looks like Will Smith is not wearing Ray-Ban's again, which have become famous in the first and second Men In Black films. MIB3 was be released as the sequel to Men in Black II on Memorial Day (May 25) 2012, ten years after its predecessor. We think Will Smith is wearing SALT Optics glasses (see below) but yet have to find confirmation for this, stay tuned.

Will Smith in MIB3 and holding up a pair of SALT sunglasses at a promotional eve

SALT Optics Wyatt - Will Smith - Men In Black 3

It looks like Will Smith is wearing SALT Optics Wyatt sunglasses in Men in Black 3.Read more

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