SunglassesID and FramesDirect competition

sunglassesid competition

This Competition has ended. Thanks to all the participants! The winner is Charles D from the United States. He has chosen the Black Wayfarer sunglasses. Congratulations!


One of the most famous songs by ZZ Top is about sunglasses. What is the title of the 1980 single about sunglasses by ZZ Top?
The answer: "Cheap sunglasses". Listen to song and see ZZ Top in the video below.

What is the color of the new Frames Direct logo?
Answer: Purple was the correct answer, but "Blue" has also been counted as a correct answer since the logo was updated to a more blue shade during the contest, see the newest logo on Check out our brand new Spring 2011 Discount Coupons for Frames Direct and save $25 or $35.

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