Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is an American recording artist, who became a superstar in no time with popular music and her extravagant fashion statements. Her extreme sunglasses are always a part of her outfit. Her latest video 'Telephone' is packed with shades which we will explore here on SunglassesID. Gaga herself is wearing Chanel sunglasses and a pair made of burning cigarettes...

Lady Gaga wearing Chanel sunglasses in the music video Telephone

Chanel sunglasses - Lady Gaga - Telephone

Lady Gaga wears several sunglasses in her latest controversial video 'Telephone'.Read more

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Lady Gaga wears Carrera Champion in the music video Bad Romance

Carrera Champion - Lady Gaga - Bad Romance

In the video Bad Romance, Lady Gaga, as usual, sports a wide range of shades Towards the end of the video, when she starts singing in French, LadyRead more

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Lady Gaga wears Selima Optique Onassis in her Marry the Night music video

Selima Optique Onassis - Lady Gaga - Marry the Night

In her latest video Marry the Night, Lady Gaga wears Selima Optique Onassis frames (customized by twin sisters Coco&Breezy) with a graphic ivory jacket from the Moschino archivRead more

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