Joe Satriani

Joe Satriani is an American multi-instrumentalist, best known for his work as an instrumental rock guitarist. In 1988, Satriani was recruited by Mick Jagger as lead guitarist for his first solo tour. Later, in 1994, Satriani was the lead guitarist for Deep Purple. Satriani worked with a range of guitarists from several musical genres, including Steve Vai, John Petrucci, Eric Johnson, Larry LaLonde, Yngwie Malmsteen, Brian May, Patrick Rondat, Andy Timmons, Paul Gilbert, Adrian Legg, and Robert Fripp through the annual G3 Jam Concerts. He is currently the lead guitarist for the supergroup Chickenfoot.

Joe Satriani is known to always wear sunglasses on stage and in public. Usually Satriani wears Oakley sunglasses, including the now discontinued Eye Jacket and old Straight Jacket models, and the newer Gascan.

Joe Satriani wearing the Oakley Eye Jacket on the cover of The Electric Joe Satr

Oakley Eye Jacket - Joe Satriani

On the FAQ section of his official website, the webmaster mentions that Joe Satriani wears Oakley Eye Jacket sunglasses. Read more

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Joe Satriani wearing Oakley Straight Jacket (Jet Black, Emerald Iridium) on stag

Oakley Straight Jacket - Joe Satriani

Musician Joe Satriani has been spotted with many different Oakley sunglasses, including the Oakley Straight Jacket during concerts.Read more

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Joe Satriani seems to wear Oakley Gascan sunglasses

Oakley Gascan - Joe Satriani

It looks like Joe Satriani is wearing Oakley Gascan sunglasses on both thes promotional pictures. Read more

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