Cutler and Gross

Cutler and Gross

Cutler and Gross are one of the most forward thinking opticians and sunglasses manufacturers in the world.

Over the last 30 years, from their base in Knightsbridge, Graham Cutler and Tony Gross have let classic design, build quality and attention to detail do the brand's talking, as opposed to the usual marketing hype so often seen in fashion over the years.

Cutler and Gross are one of the few Sunglasses manufacturers that hand build each and every frame to optical quality. As a result, these sunglasses feel very special, both to wear and to hold. Their classic frame shapes and interesting and unusual lens colour options making them the perfect choice of shades, for the discerning gentleman.

Mathieu Amalric wearing Cutler and Gross 0425 sunglasses in Quantum of Solace

Cutler and Gross 0425 - Mathieu Amalric - Quantum of Solace

In the movie Quantum of Solace, Mathieu Amalric (as the bad guy Dominic Greene) wears Cutler and Gross Read more

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Michael Fassbender wearing a pair of Cutler & Gross 1057 sunglasses in the Ridle

Cutler and Gross 1057 - Michael Fassbender - The Counselor

Michael Fassbender wears a pair of Cutler and Gross 1057 sunglasses in the Ridley Scott film The Counselor.Read more

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