Four Actors and their Memorable Movie Sunglasses

Who is your favorite sunglass-adorned actor? When you tune into satellite TV service from DirectStarTV or similar programming and see a popular classic movie you love, you can't help but associate their look with their character and their persona. For many actors, part of that character and persona is reflected in their choice of eyewear.

Here are four famous actors known for their sunglasses:

Tom Cruise: In Risky Business, Tom Cruise wore a pair of simple, yet elegant dark-framed sunglasses known as Ray-Ban Wayfarers. Although that model of sunglasses had been dormant for more than a decade and was on the verge of discontinuation, Cruise helped revive the glasses after wearing them in the hit movie. The glasses would go on to become icons of the '80s.

Cruise would also go on to wear another model of Ray-Bans in another 1980s hit movie. In Top Gun, Cruise wore Aviator sunglasses in his role as fighter jet pilot Maverick. Much like his effect on Wayfarers, Cruise's wearing of Aviators made them popular with the public.

Jack Nicholson: This movie icon is known for wearing sunglasses everywhere he goes – to Lakers games, out on the town, to awards shows – so it should come as no surprise that his sunglasses have been iconic parts of many of his movies. The 1997 movie As Good as It Gets is one example of Jack Nicholson's sunglasses-wearing tendencies in movies.

Leonardo DiCaprio: Although not quite as famous in his respective role as the previous two actors, Leo DiCaprio rocked a pair of memorable shades in the 2002 hit movie Catch Me if You Can. Throughout the film, DiCaprio can been seen wearing a pair of patterned Tortoise shell Ray-Bans and aviator style sungasses as he continuously attempts to evade the FBI agent played by Tom Hanks.

Keanu Reeves: You can't talk about sunglasses in the movies without thinking about Keanu Reaves' role as Neo in The Matrix. His dark Silhouette sunglasses helped define his character and further contributed to the movie's unique aura. Without the sunglasses, Keanu Reeves' character would not have been the same.

What pair of actor sunglasses is your favorite?

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